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  • School Branding Management
    Custom announcement/reminder message Custom privacy messages or link Custom school profile information School Logo System custom labels
  • User Management
    Custom roles and privileges for each user Resending of activation and password recovery links
  • Applicant Registration Management
    Payment Approval Recommendation Approval Review of registration information Custom Registration step description Cancellation of application Discussion board for applicants and staff
  • Recommendation Management
    Custom recommendation form Custom recommendation instruction Manage recommenders
  • Admissions Management
    Custom registration form for applicant Custom admissions instruction Scheduled or manual releasing of result Custom admission decision Custom admission decision message
  • Exam Management
    Examination date setup Automatic or manual student distribution to exam rooms Exam schedule remaining slots notification
  • Applicant Management
    Applicant tagging Search applicant profile Edit applicant profile
  • Report Management
    Daily Applicant Report Financial Report Downloadable Files
  • Finance Management
    Fee Setup Discount management
  • Notification Management
    Custom account activation email Custom registration status notification email Custom exam permit email Custom exam schedule remaining slots email Custom recommendation email Custom payment acknowledgement email
  • Security
    Audit Trails
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