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Empowering Schools and Students with a Smart Admissions System

Powered by Smart Algorithms, Admissions streamlines and automates every step, ensuring a seamless experience for both students and administrators.

Customizable Application Forms

Customize the information and requirements that will be collected from all student applicants according to your school’s prerequisites.


Online Applications

Leverage a streamlined online platform that simplifies the admissions process and encourages more students to submit their applications.


Interview and Exam Schedule Management

Schedule thousands of students for interviews and entrance exams without the headache of manual appointment setting.


Application Tracking and Deliberation

Track the status of all applications and make an informed deliberation and evaluation by managing the roles of your admissions officers.


Interview and Exam Schedule Management

Schedule thousands of students for interviews and entrance exams without the headache of manual appointment setting.


Communications and Notifications

Engage with applicants through a seamless communication channel where they can reach out to admissions officers for any application-related concerns and deliver automated and customized notifications in a timely manner.


Discover more features

From providing a centralized hub for all things admissions to optimizing an exceptional applicant experience, Admissions is comprehensive, intuitive, and accessible. Discover more features available in the system.

Want a feature that is not in the system? We can also develop it for you.

  • School Branding Management
    Custom announcement/reminder message Custom privacy messages or link Custom school profile information School Logo System custom labels
  • User Management
    Custom roles and privileges for each user Resending of activation and password recovery links
  • Applicant Registration Management
    Payment Approval Recommendation Approval Review of registration information Custom Registration step description Cancellation of application Discussion board for applicants and staff
  • Recommendation Management
    Custom recommendation form Custom recommendation instruction Manage recommenders
  • Admissions Management
    Custom registration form for applicant Custom admissions instruction Scheduled or manual releasing of result Custom admission decision Custom admission decision message
  • Exam Management
    Examination date setup Automatic or manual student distribution to exam rooms Exam schedule remaining slots notification
  • Applicant Management
    Applicant tagging Search applicant profile Edit applicant profile
  • Report Management
    Daily Applicant Report Financial Report Downloadable Files
  • Finance Management
    Fee Setup Discount management
  • Notification Management
    Custom account activation email Custom registration status notification email Custom exam permit email Custom exam schedule remaining slots email Custom recommendation email Custom payment acknowledgement email
  • Security
    Audit Trails

Ready to take your Admissions to the next level?

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